SAP Business Objects Data Federator resources

SAP BusinessObjects Data Federator resources – here is a brochure by SAP BusinessObjects specialists devoted to the point of gaining an unified and real time view of information which originates from multiple data sources. Simultaneously, it’s an introduction to Data Federator tool’s idea. Additionally, there is everything what one could consider useful to know about the solution – business challenges it aspires to satisfy, features and capabilities, and use cases followed with a quick summary of facts.. – even though the employees of SAP BusinessObjects don’t spread a lot of information about Data Federator, it’s good to check the company official website first. There is a short overview with features, functions, and benefits of Data Federator listed. Here are the fundamentals only, therefore – if one wants to know more, he should aptly called federate data from different sources.. – here’s a very good article devoted to the two types of information management – consolidating and federating. The author, Ryan Muldowney, explains the advantages and disadvantages of each of options and – at once – pays a lot of attention to the Data Federator tool itself..

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