How to Connect to SAS from Business Objects

You only need to install the SAS/SHARE JDBC driver 9.1.3 on the Data Federator server machine in the folder ‘DF_INSTALL_DIR\LeSelect\Drivers’.

You don’t need to install the SAS/SHARE server. The SAS/SHARE server should be already installed on the machine where the SAS data sets are located. The server version should be at least 9.1.3.

 **For connecting to SAS you need to have license for SAS SHARE.
To connect to the SAS/SHARE server from Data Federator server you should have the following:

1. SAS/SHARE server host name

2. SAS/SHARE server port

3. user name

4. user password


Sharenet.S279.ex.txtDriver.Sharenet.S06.ex.txt: UserId/password not accepted by server..

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